Hey there. This is John, the owner and author of everything you have read here at Effective Vacations Universal Orlando. As a reminder, Effective Vacations is a Zesumme web property.

How To Contact Me

By default, and to make communication as effective as possible, I try not to check or respond to messages from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network. Instead, I attempt to channel all communication into as few points of contact as I can.

That being the case, the simplest method with the fastest response to get ahold of me is via email. Please email me at john@bourscheid.me for any inquiries or questions. Please, no cold sales pitches or anything of the sort.

If you include EFFECTIVE VACATIONS UNIVERSAL ORLANDO in the subject line, it’ll help me figure out where the heck you came from.

Alternative Options To Get in Touch

Need to send physical mail instead? Use the following address, although it is rarely checked:

Zesumme, LLC
404 South Roan Street
Johnson City, Tennessee, 37601

Looking to give me a call instead? Please don’t.

Looking for some kind of contact form? I don’t have that, because I don’t have a newsletter to spam you. That wouldn’t be very effective of me now, would it?

This is how I most effectively funnel inquiries into a centralized location.